"Qosqo, Inkas' Sacred Capital"


A guidebook in which you will find complete information about:

Qosqo is actually the oldest living city in the American Continent, with a continuous settlement of more than 3,000 years. It is a "living museum" where it is so easy to get pre-Columbian, colonial and modern heritage.


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Guidebook written by Vicente Goyzueta

Vicente Goyzueta was born in Qosqo and is a Graduate in Tourism in Qosqo's San Antonio Abad National University. He worked in his home city as a full time Professional Tour Guide for a decade; leading History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Sociology oriented tours. Today Vicente lives in New York working as a Building Project Manager and occasionally giving lectures about what he knows best: Qosqo. His experiences and knowledge are in his book: "Qosqo, Inkas' Sacred Capital"